Science-based Treatment, Accountability, and Risk Reduction for Sexual Assault (STARRSA) Active Psychoeducation (AP) Program

The STARRSA Active Psychoeducation (AP) Program is an empirically based intervention developed specifically to be utilized with college students found responsible for engaging in sexual misconduct or those who are committed to learning more about promoting healthy, consensual, & wellness-focused relationships.

The primary goal of the STARRSA AP program is to increase knowledge and awareness of factors related to sexual behavior and misconduct and to facilitate basic skills development through knowledge acquisition.  The program attempts to facilitate positive behavioral change by providing information that can help students address and resolve risk-relevant thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with sexual misconduct and have respectful, prosocial intimate relationships. 

Individualized plan                                                                 Potential Areas of Focus

Students may self-refer to the program if interested or may be referred after a policy violation has occurred. They will first need to be ruled eligible for the program according to its assessment guidelines. If eligible, the facilitator will develop an individualized and tailored 8-30 session curriculum based on the participant’s needs, values, & goals.

Almost all participants will complete the following modules as part of their individualized curriculum: Module 2 (Sexual Behavior and Sexual Misconduct), Module 3 (Focus on Socialization and Sexualization in Society), and Module 8 (Healthy Relationships).

The program requires a 2-6 month commitment and is only available to students.

  • Sexual misconduct and the law
  • Developing & promoting consent skills
  • Socialization
  • Sexual self-efficacy
  • Emotional regulation
  • Accountability
  • Understanding & resolving risks for sexual misconduct
  • Strategies to promote personal wellbeing & healthy relationships
  • Leveraging social identities to promote holistic wellbeing
  • Impact of sexual misconduct
  • Negative & positive masculinities
  • Impersonal sex, empathy, & intimacy
  • Understanding sexual cues


To learn more about STARRSA or if you are a student interested in participating in the program, please contact Aurora Center Associate Director Chloe Vraney at [email protected].