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Aurora staff members at recognition celebration

Katie Eichele, Director, M.S.

Katie Eichele is responsible for strategic planning and day-to-day operations of The Aurora Center for Advocacy & Education, development of policy and protocols relating to sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment, partnering with faculty, staff and students in the development of outreach and educational initiatives, development of innovative programs to enhance the safety and well-being of students, and the overall coordination of services with other campus and community organizations.

Additionally, she provides direct services to clients, addresses parent concerns, provides consultations for the greater university campus and surrounding community, supervises the TAC staff, and oversees Aurora's fiscal accountability.

Katie has worked at the University of Minnesota, TC since 2004. Her background/experience stems from communications, teaching, student conduct, safety and security, policy development, student development, social justice, and crisis management.


Direct line: (612) 626-9977


Gavin Grivna, Associate Director, M.A.

Gavin is responsible for Aurora's departmental assessment of services offered, printed and digital marketing efforts, and coordinates Aurora's annual 40 hour certification training. He also supervises the prevention education program within Aurora and represents the office across campus on several campus-wide committees.

Gavin has worked full-time at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities since July, 2009. His previous work experiences include campus housing, student conduct, leadership development, facilitation and supervision, social justice education and operational effectiveness.


Direct line: (612) 626-9988


Bronte Stewart-New, Legal Advocacy Coordinator

Bronte is responsible for coordinating the advocacy services provided to clients at Aurora. In addition to providing support in a crisis, she advocates for clients as they choose any of the various options available including academic and legal support. Bronte regularly meets one to one with clients and responds to phone calls on the 24 hour helpline. Additionally, she co-facilitates Aurora's support groups and provides supervision for student staff and volunteers. 

Bronte possesses a depth of knowledge and experience in relation to Aurora, beginning as a volunteer then as a student staff member and now proudly serves as a full-time advocate.


Direct Line: (612) 624-0630


Chloe Vraney, Legal Advocacy Coordinator

Chloe is responsible for coordinating the direct services provided by The Aurora Center. This includes legal advocacy, academic advocacy, and systems advocacy, as well as crisis counseling over the phone and in person, meeting one-to-one with clients to provide a safe space for healing. Chloe also co-facilitates support groups and provides ongoing training and supervision for direct service volunteers and interns. In addition to direct services and systems justice, Chloe enjoys developing policy language and serving on the Hennepin County SMARTeam.

Chloe's previous work experience was with individuals and families experiencing domestic and sexual violence in Uruguay, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Her background focuses on recognizing different barriers to accessing these resources and promoting inclusion, equity, and diversity. Chloe also speaks Spanish.


Direct Line: (612) 626-6404


CURRENTLY VACANT POSITION, Legal Advocacy Diversity Coordinator



Direct Line: (612) 626-0507


Jerie Smith, Volunteer Coordinator, M.A. equivalent

Jerie is responsible for volunteer recruitment, with an emphasis on diversity, along with the supervision of over 80 active volunteers including selection, ongoing training, and semesterly reviews. Other responsibilities include oversite of Aurora’s outreach including event tabling, as well as the planning and execution of the annual Recognition Celebration expressing gratitude for the work of volunteers and partners.  

Jerie has been on campus since 1972 and believes this position with Aurora is the best because every day is an opportunity to meet with students and learn something new!


Direct Line: (612) 626-3433


Malik Mitchell, Men’s Engagement Coordinator

Malik is responsible for co-coordinating educational workshops and training offered by Aurora to students, staff and faculty at the University of Minnesota and Augsburg University. Topics for training include consent, healthy relationships, sexual violence at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality, and more.

Additionally, he furthers Aurora's efforts to engage more male-identified survivors and broaden the range of community members who connect with Aurora, support survivors and advocate for violence prevention.


Direct Line: (612) 626-3398


Paul Ang, Prevention Program Coordinator, M.S.

Paul is responsible for the planning and implementation of the prevention education curriculum offered by Aurora to students, staff and faculty at the University of Minnesota and Augsburg University. Topics for training and workshops include respect, bystander intervention, consent, healthy relationships, stalking, sexual harassment and more.

Prior to joining the staff at Aurora in Summer 2017, Paul served as the Coordinator of Men's Engagement at Northwestern University's Center for Awareness, Response, and Education.  He has also previously served as a volunteer medical advocate, batterer's intervention facilitator, and as a campus consultant.  His background is in cultural foundations of education, women's & gender studies, and environmental engineering.


Direct Line: (612) 626-9122