Aurora Publications

Over the years we have created written materials for both survivors and people interested in the sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking for educational purposes. Links to pdfs of our materials are below. Should you used this information, please cite and credit The Aurora Center accordingly,

Our hope is that these materials provide some insight for survivors to know their options and to understand what they may have experienced. We encourage you to talk with an advocate to help you with any questions you have and to help you through any difficult feelings you may be having.

Download a copy of Aurora's main brochure advertising the services we offer.

Information Packets

Sexual Assault

Relationship Violence

Concerned Persons of Sexual Assault or Relationship Violence Victims

LGBT Sexual Violence

Stalking and Harassment

Violence Against Women with Disabilities

Legal Information

Men's Work

Child Sexual Abuse

Sex Industry

International Centers for Survivors of Sexual Assault handbook


Aurora Center Services

Aurora Inforgraphic Poster

A.L.U.V.P.L.A.N. Crisis Intervention Model for Staff

Cycle of Violence

Flowchart of TAC Services

Nonviolence & Equity Relationship Wheel

Safety Planning for Students

Self-Care Pyramid

Sexual Assault Stats

TAC Prevention Tips

UMN Victim Bill of Rights

Understanding Survivors Experience Stages

Verbal Abuse

Why Women Stay


Advocates: How They Can Help

Concerned Parents

Consent: The Difference Between Sex and Sexual Assault

Guide for Faculty and Staff

Healthy Relationships

Legal Advocacy Resources

Sexual Assault Prevention Starts with You