Office Advocates are trained to listen, provide support, and explain options to clients during business hours in our offices. This involves both on the phone and in-person walk in clients. Office Advocates primarily meet with clients and provide services such as writing letters on behalf of clients. Office advocates have the opportunity to learn about legal processes such as restraining orders, police reports, and provide support in medical needs such as a sexual assault exam at the hospital during business hours. There is an additional (6) hours of training to the basic forty (40) hours of training for Help Line Advocates.

Please see the volunteer application packet for a complete job description .


We serve over 400 people at The Aurora Center and about half contact us through appointments and walk-ins at our office.

Volunteer Hours

All Office Advocates are expected to work at least three (3) hours for one day per week on a regular schedule in the office.


Office Advocates join the Direct Service Advocates, Special Projects Volunteers, and Violence Prevention Educators in meeting throughout the semester. Contact Jerie Smith with any questions. Attendance at meetings is a requirement to volunteer.

All meetings are on Sundays and scheduled 1:00 - 4:00pm

Current volunteers can LOGIN HERE to see the schedule. (Or at the upper right tab of the website where it says "Login".)

Logistics and Expectations

Volunteers in training will have many opportunities to ask questions pertaining to the position, but provided here is a brief and limited description of what is expected.

Office Advocates meet with clients who are interested in learning about the options available to them. When there are no client needs, Office Advocates are also responsible for work needed in the office such as data base entry, creating handouts, making copies and various other tasks.

Advocates are expected to utilize the extensive training they receive to listen, validate, and explain options in a caring and supportive way to any client without making decisions for the person and without judgment. For more details, please talk to Jerie Smith.

Summer Break

While not required as part of the volunteer position, Office Advocates may have the opportunity to work office hours during the summer break. Available shifts are dependent on the office needs at the time.


Becky Redetzke Field and Megan Close supervise Help Line and Office Advocates in their work with clients, schedules their coverage of the helpline and their office hours. They share supervision with Jerie Smith, Volunteer Coordinator, who facilitates the monthly meetings and conducts performance reviews.

Please see the Volunteer Page for training information, or download the volunteer application packet (PDF).