Make A Donation

Many clients, family, friends and volunteers often ask the question about how they can help.  Obviously volunteering and expressing gratitude are very important and TAC appreciates it!!

Recently, The Aurora Center has set up a direct way in which people can contribute monetarily.  Gifts can be sent directly to the University of Minnesota Foundation.  Make sure any gift you give states that it is designated for The Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education. 

Below is information from the Foundation web site. 

Five Ways to Make a Cash Gift:

  • Make a gift now using your credit card.
  • Send a check or money order payable to the University of Minnesota Foundation.
    Print the gift form and send with your gift to:

University of Minnesota Foundation
P.O. Box 860266
Minneapolis, MN  55486-0266

  • Set up electronic fund transfers (EFT) to make a recurring gift directly from your bank account or credit card.
  • Call our credit card hotline at 612-626-8560 or 800-775-2187 and leave your full name and phone number, the type of credit card, card number, expiration date, amount of your gift, and if/where you would like the gift to be designated.
  • Make an online pledge. Fill out and submit the electronic pledge form and your pledge will be processed within one week. You will receive a reminder for payment.

If you would like a U staff member to work with you to make your gift, please contact Mark Baumgartner or call 612-624-3333 or 800-775-2187.

Give to the U

Each year more than 87,000 alumni and friends make a donation to the U. Tools to help you make a gift each year include:

Wondering about other ways to make a gift to the University?
Here's contact information tailored to your needs, and organized by the campus, college, or program you want to benefit with your gift.