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Instructor Resource: Student Sexual Misconduct Syllabus Language

The University prohibits all forms of sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence and provides comprehensive support and reporting mechanisms for all members of the community. We understand that sexual violence can undermine students’ academic success and we encourage students who have experienced some form of sexual misconduct to talk to someone about their experience, so they can get the support they need.


University Employee Reporting

As an instructor, one of my responsibilities is to help create a safe learning environment on our campus. I also have a  reporting responsibility related to my role. I am required to share information regarding sexual misconduct or information about a crime of sexual misconduct that may have occurred with the Office for Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action (EOAA) at 


Confidential Support

Free and confidential support and academic advocacy can be found with The Aurora Center on their 24-hour help line, 612-626-9111 and at to explore your options.