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Prevention Education


Logo for Power of Respect

The Power of Respect

Respect Yourself. Respect Others. Respect Boundaries.

We are excited to bring a new series of educational and
engaging workshops to the campus community called
“The Power of Respect:
Respect Yourself. Respect Others. Respect Boundaries. ”

The Power of Respect curriculum features a series of
interactive workshops facilitated by trained volunteers and
professional staff designed to engage participants across
their experience as students, staff and faculty at the
University of Minnesota.

Our goal is for participants to build on prior knowledge to sustain positive cultural change within
groups and organizations by focusing on four main areas of development:

1) Building empathy for survivors and a foundational understanding of sexual violence
2) Discovering how intersectional identities are linked to gender-based violence
3) Learning skills for bystander intervention and supporting survivors
4) Exploring culture change to promote peer accountability and violence prevention

The curriculum will also be informed by research regarding trauma, public health, rape culture,
bystander intervention, social norms, risk reduction, positive prevention, affirmative consent,
healthy relationships, empowerment, survivor advocacy, equity and the effect systems of
oppression have on perpetuating sexual violence.

We at Aurora are committed to maintaining and tailoring the content of the workshops to be
time-relevant, culturally specific, and inclusive.

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